This Website is created with a hope to share my knowledge and help people learn SAP MM & SAP WM the most effective way without having to spend too much money.

After spending close to 6 years working as an SAP MM & SAP WM consultant and seeing people who have come to me for guidance, I feel there is a big gap between what institutes focus on teaching and what the companies look for in a prospective candidate. My attempt is to bridge this gap.

My experience as an SAP MM & SAP WM Consultant has taught me many things which are hard to find in any book or in somebody who has a strong theoretical knowledge in SAP MM and this is where I feel I have the edge.

This website is an honest attempt to help people learn SAP WM the right way with the right practical real life exposure without the commercial element to education.

I believe if your intentions are fair and your efforts are honest, you would succeed in whatever you do.

First step to be a good learner is to be an avid reader, so go ahead and explore the various sections of this blog where I have put down my thoughts, which I'm sure would help you in taking a better decision about SAP WM training.

I asked my students to provide me their feedback on the classes and I take pride in the fact that each one of them said I have exceeded their expectations and was humbled by their response.

Not having a single negative feedback is a rare distinction and something I can boast of!

Their response has motivated me to take this training to the next level and hence this website!